All the panels in our stable buildings are strongly constructed in 6" x 3/4 " Larch weatherboarding on a 3" x 2" framework. The sections are firmly bolted together, and all the timber, both inside and outside, is treated with nut brown wood preservative. The buildings are bolted to the base with parabolts.



The roof cladding is black Onduline - a corrugated bituminous roof sheeting. It is very tough, reduces condensation, absorbs sound and has high level insulation value and is maintenance free. Roof trusses and purlins are 4" x 2" kiln dried timber, also treated with wood preservative. These are firmly secure to the main structure with bolts and drive screws.


Stable doors are 2 1/2" thick, constructed from tongued and grooved boards on both sides of a 6" x 1" framework. The doors are hung on heavy duty galvanised band and hook hinges and fitted with galvanised padbolts, and a galvanised kickover bolt. The top of the lower door is fitted with galvanised anti-bite strip. Top doors and fitted with a cabin hook.



Sliding windows and fitted with internal window grills. The positioning of the stable windows is such that, when the top door is open, it does not obstruct the window. We do not provide glass in the windows although many alternatives are available.

Field shelters

Field shelters are constructed on exactly the same design and from the same materials as the loose boxes; they also have a 3" overhang. Standard field shelters have a 6" opening on the 12' x 12' and 18' x 12' shelter, and a 12' opening on the 24' x 12' shelter, but this can be easily altered suit customers requirements.

All prices on the price list include erection of the building, and delivery within 50 miles of Penrith. For all our buildings the customer must provide a level base. Plans for base can be supplied on request.